Hi, I’m Bridget

My name is Bridget, B for short ! I have always dreamed of having a blog, sharing my adventurous life and creating a platform where other plus size girls can share their journey too!

A few years ago I had a successful blog however after having a baby , going back to college and at the time, working 2 jobs, my blog went down on my list of priorities…But never the less, I’m back and I’m here !

My website is up and running “My Plus Size Life and I”

So…whats it about ? Its all about life as a plus size gal living a full life !! Its everything fashion, food, travel, life, Motherhood, work life…everything ! My aim is to create a platform where ladies like myself have a place to share their stories and support each others journeys…

Welcome to My Plus Size Life And I

You can find me on Instagram at www.instagram.com/myplussizelifeandi

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